CEO Maxime Defachelle

He masters several programming languages and has experience in module development in PHP/JAVA /Python. He is an expert on marketing strategy for internet projects, and deliciated himself to graphic development for business solution. As a Windows services system expert, he is good at not only the integration and deployment of IT solution, but also web infrastructure and the application of cryptology.

CTO Aurelien Peuportier

He formerly worked for IBM (Watson R&D) & IBM Q Research Development and Service (Formerly as Superclass co.Ltd). His research specialities include quantum chemistry and applied mathematics, post-quantum cryptology aiming at the development of security protocols, blockchain consensus algorithms, decentralized finance, and non-fungible token cryptographic algorithms. He is also an expert on smart grid and industry supply chain, cloud and Hadoop environments, SAAS system and ERP development, and advanced application of Python.

COO Norberto Dognini

As a former Chief Marketing Officer of one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the UK, (Digitransformer,) he is a digital marketing specialist with 10-year experience in running campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other pay per click platforms. He has rich experience in managing high profile pay per click campaigns and developing software for high converting landing pages.

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