NFTBomb Whitepaper

Technology Architecture

NFTBomb uses the following technologies:
Technologies Solidity - Ethereum exchange Smart Contracts architecture
TheGraph - Query NFTs across different EVMs blockchains
Node.js - JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine - used as NFTrade's API
IPFS Cluster - Decentralized storage for minted NFTs
AWS - Cloud infrastructure (Redis, minio, S3, EC2, MongoDB, EKS, etc..)
Cloudinary - Cloud-based image and video management services, used as a caching service of NFTs on NFTrade
The project is being built using Smart Contracts (Solidity) and deployed on Ethereum Network. Later it will be expanded to other EVM-compatible networks such as Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.
Fees and contracts will be audited and secured using Hardware Wallets and/or multisig wallets.
Tokens and NFTs are all either ERC20 or ERC-721 compliant. In the future ERC-1155 standard can be used to better serve the use cases.