Four Major Functions

1.INO Contract Function

Combine the functions of NFT minting, releasing, crowdfunding and blind box together.

2. Auction Contract Function

NFTBomb includes the features of individual-person auction, multiple-people auction and mixed auction. Multiple-people auction means that several groups of people bid for the same NFT and then the winning group divides the NFT ownership into fragments. Mixed auctions means the combination of traditional feature of individual-person auction and our innovative feature of multiple-people auction.

3. Fragmentation Contract Function

Many NFTs are quite expensive, which stops most retail investors buying those NFTs. By dividing NFTs ownership into pieces, NFTBomb provides those investment opportunities to small investors. Besides traditional spot trading, NFTBomb offers future trading of NFT fragments, which we hope will further improve the liquidity and fun of the NFT markets.

4. Lottery Contract Function

Introduce and upgrade the concept of lottery in the real world in order to enrich NFT financial practices and solve the liquidity problem.

The lottery contrast function makes different episodes in one NFT serial as keys to the lottery prize. The contract, which is built on sound mathematic models, makes certain number combinations as the winning pairs for the prize. Participates buy different keys (NFTs) in the secondary market, put each two together to see if it is the winning pair (they can sell those NFTs afterwards no matter they win the prize or not). As to the Boom protocol, each random pair of keys can be only tried once, thus making the possibility to win the lottery increasingly higher as the game continues (till 100% winning rate at the end). The desire for winning the lottery can stimulate the participates buy and sell NFTs, to improve the circulation of NFTs and give the NFT market application layer more playability.

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